Using existing implants

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Posted on By Jason Witons In Full Arch & Dentures

This guy presented recently.. on blood thinners says non-smoker.. irregular to the dentist.. implants placed somewhere else about 3 years ago.

Caries and perio disease everywhere especially 23,26

prob has money but has complained

likely best plans area full arch cases.

#3,5 implants probably could be left alone, re used as temporaries, or explanted. same for #23,26


Thank you,


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Jason; Keep implants on maxillary RIGHT side and do maxillary implants on Left side after extraction and healing from bone graft. On lower add additional implants in posterior and do FULL arch implant case. Good luck and keep us posted. Dr. Salama


Thank you


Jason, in the future let me recommend that you CROP your images and enhance the exposure before posting. A simple screen capture may improve the quality of your interactions with our community. warmest regards and good luck on the case. Dr. Salama