Urban Technique

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Thought I would share a case i thought was successful but wanted critique. I have only posted problem cases to this point. 68 year old male presented with failed bridge maxillary posterior. Extractions left severe defect with minimal bone. Titanium reinforced PTFE membrane with allograft mixed with PRF and covered with more PRF membranes. Uncovered at 6 months showing psuedo periosteum. Implants placed, another 5 months and healing abutments placed. I considered another FGG on buccal but opted to restore due to 2mm of attached gingiva. Would anyone have prefered the FGG in this case? Thanks as always.

Ben Lashley

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Not really an Urban technique (Sausage with stretch of collagen membrane over graft), this is OLD School GBR ala Buser circa 1989. Beautiful Bone work here. YES< for sure for me this is an FGG or a large split thickness from palate and apically repositioned flap to labial sutured to periosteum to manage KT and vestibule depth. regards Dr. Salama


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