Two Year Soft Tissue Retrospective

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Posted on By Gerald Benjamin In Anterior/Esthetic

Management of the soft tissue in large anterior cosmetic cases is critical to the success of the case; it is far more important than the artistic beauty of the ceramics. The patient presented two and a half years ago requesting replacement of her 5 year old restorations. The patient had excessive gingival display, a lack of symmetry of soft tissue contours and unesthetic porcelain. After I performed a Direct Resin Mockup, the patient accepted treatment for esthetic crown root lengthening and 10 ceramic restorations. I presented this case on the Forum 6 months after completion of the case and I thought it would be interesting to see how the soft tissue fared with CRL and new restorations. The soft tissue matured quite well and has remained consistent even with a frenum attachment adjacent to the margins of the centrals. The success of the case is significantly determined by the contours of the restorations. There is some slight gingival inflammation (#7) which can be attributed to oral hygiene or an endocrine issue.

The initial smile with excess gingival display, lack of soft tissue symmetry and poorly done ceramics
Post of check at one week showing immature soft tissue probably due to incorrect contours of the temporaries

The soft tissue at 6 months post bonding. Soft tissue demonstrates gingival health and excellent papilla formation
Tissue health, right side at two year follow up

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Beautiful soft tissue healing Dr.Gerald. what kind of finish line you prefer in these cases?I think it's Emax work . Regards.


Well planned and well executed. Real world Cosmetic Dentistry performed at the highest levels....thanks for sharing my friend. regards Maurice


Beautiful Gerald!
Contours, finish lines, materials and tissue control are paramont to success as you have so adequately shown!


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