Treating buccal Type II defect using Khoury technique under Dr. Gluckman’s mentorship

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I recently had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Howie Gluckman. On the 3rd day of the course I had the privilege to treat a live patient utilizing the techniques learned. I was teamed up with Dr. George Yzaguirre and we treated a wonderful patient using the Khoury bone plate technique under Dr. Gluckman’s mentorship. The patient (who was in his 20s) had lost 9 and 10 in a bar fight and as a result had a buccal type II defect. Fantastic learning experience! A 8 X 15mm block from ramus was harvested and split . Additional autogenous bone was harvested from ramus using safe scraper. The 2 plates were fixated using two 8mm screws in each plate. Plates were smoothed. The additional autogenous graft was placed under the plates. FTMPF with wide base and periosteal release to obtain 1y closure utilizing 6-0 nylon sutures.
Fantastic opportunity to learn from the Xpert Dr. Gluckman.

harvesting bone
splitting plates

plates fixed
graft placed

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Congratulations very nice surgery. Please let me know which course is that and when is the next available session ?
Best regards


The Implant and Aesthetic Academy

Advanced Implantology Course
29 – 30 November & 1 December 2018


Tye. firstly think you so much for the kind words. secondly I have to say that your quality of work is world class and Having seen some of it I can comment. the case you and George did was excellent. the patient is very lucky to have had this work with you and the patient is going to get an excellent result. well done to you both.


Dr. Gluckman, to hear that from you is quite the honor. Thank you. I hold you in such high regard. You are a masterful clinician, artist and teacher. Simply stated you are "The Man!"I guess i should say Superman! I will continue to aim high in pursuit of clinical excellence. Thanks again for the inspiring words Dr. Gluckman
a.k.a. Superman.


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here are Post Op photos.