Tmj -?? cyst

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Posted on By Barry Rimmer In CBCT & CAD/CAM

Hi have psosted this cbct view and would value peoples views. Many thanks

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this is probably an image generated by a specific angle and does not look ,at first impression, like a cyst.
You could help your self using a 3D rendering and studying the area moving the three axis to gather more informations of the area.
Add additional images using different angles.
Best regards.


I agree with Armando. The area looks to well defined and corticated for a cyst. Early in your learning curve with CBCT have a rep of the company sit with you to review their particular software and how to evaluate them in all angles as well as possibly send early scans out to a radiologist service to READ these films for you. This will provide you important information on what they are seeing and insure you are not missing anything. Good luck Dr. S


So does this warrant a referral?


I do not think ALL the different planes and axis around the joint. You could send off to a service as well that will read your scan for you....a medical radiologist.