Split Crest and Immediate Implants

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Posted on By Fabio Manuel Filannino In Implants

4 month ago I did 2 immediate implants in 16 and 17 plus implant on 15 with split crest and Magnetic Mallet. Biomaterial and fibrine glue on the gap, and this is the healing today: ready to take impressions

Split Crest and Extractions
One Stage Implants + First Technique

Post Op + Fibrine Glue
4 months Post OP
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I assume you extracted these teeth with the magnetic mallet as well? Do you separate the roots before removal? Also, the split crest was performed on a singular site? Isn't that more difficult? Risk of fracture? Also, why were the implants placed at significant differences in vertical depth? Thanks for sharing. Dr. Salama


Hello doctor! Yes I did extracted the teeth with the magnetic mallet, like I always do after removing the crown first and then separating the roots. The split crest on a singolar site it is the most difficult procedure according to my opinion as well the split crest in the mandible, with big risk of fracture. In this case with the magnetic mallet and the quality of the bone I had better control and reached the goal. About the level of the implants, unfortunately I had to deal with the primary stability into the very compromised site, so I couldn't do it better, lucky to have a conical morse connection of the implants to manage the micro gap so deep. thank you!


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