Socket Shield

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i did this case two years back, had a tough time completing the case, the crowns made were not very aesthetic , no buccal bone loss in follow up , slight distal papilla deficiency. Pink and white aesthetic scores were acceptable. PLease comment

Pre Operative

Prosthesis Fabrication
Buccal Bone

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Good result. I wonder about the radioluscency between shield and implant on CBCT images? thanks for sharing Dr. Salama


Dr Salama it could be an artifact as i read in Dr Scott Ganz chapter of Dental Implant Complications , 2nd edition book in radiology section.


Well done Farhan. What kind of provisional did you use to create the emergency profile? How do you replicate the emergency profile?


hello jorge
thank you
i used a healing collar covered by dyract flow to get the emergence profile
That emergence profile was captured by pattern resin around angulated abutment and sent to the lab for fabrication of subgingival contour of the crown.




Well done Farhan. Thank you for sharing.




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