Socket shield technique part 2

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67 year old male with general occlusal disease and breakdown of his dentition. Has had implants placed in the mandibular posteriors about a year before looking for a solution in the maxilla. As part of the more comprehensive treatment, the maxillary left central incisor (21, FDI system)was marked for extraction . The socket shield technique for immediate implant placement was employed (20th Dec 2013). A screw retained PFM restoration was installed on 5th June 2014. There is a long story of a lab screw up with his other restoration which I will not get into, but the 11 & 22 have composite build ups on E-max crowns bonded on as as provisionals as a quick salvage operation.

At final cementation.Note the open diastemas
After diastema closure with composite resin

Incisal view
lateral views
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Nice case Dr. Narayan. Buccal plate has been preserved perfectly and the aesthetic outcome is superb, regardless the laboratory mistakes.
We can see bleeding when removing healing abutment on the first mm. due to epithelial junction breakdown as expected.
Thanks for sharing.


Room for 2 more photos.....nice case. Dr. S


Thank you Drs. Campos & Salama. Will use the space to update the case Dr. Salama. Looking forward to seeing you in Miami.


Narayan,Thanks for the brilliant case.Just a few queries,how far apical to the crestal bone did you resect the tooth and what's the thickness of the tooth shield left behind.


Thanks Tarun. There is approximately 1mm supra crystal and 3 mm subcrestal, and thickness ranging from approx. 1mm at the crest to a knife-edge apically


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