Socket shield technique Part 1

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67 year old male with general occlusal disease and breakdown of his dentition. Has had implants placed in the mandibular posteriors about a year before looking for a solution in the maxilla. As part of the more comprehensive treatment, the maxillary left central incisor (21, FDI system)was marked for extraction . The socket shield technique for immediate implant placement was employed (20th Dec 2013). A screw retained PFM restoration was installed on 5th June 2014. There is a long story of a lab screw up with his other restoration which I will not get into, but the 11 & 22 have composite build ups on E-max crowns bonded on as as provisionals as a quick salvage operation.

Initial presentation
sSectioning & extraction

Osteotomy & implant placement
immediate post placement radiograph

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Great surgical skills Narayan,compliments.


great case TV narayan, I know you have many more cases kindly share.


Thanks Ashok And Raghu. Will do so.


Well done. How do you section the tooth and remove the root without mobility of the shield? Nice case. Dr. Salama


Great skill. These cases are an occlusal disaster ......what is the long term prognosis for this case without occlusal management


Dr. Xavier, thank you for your comment.He has been rehabilitated, with plane correction and restorations .Only pending restorations on the maxillary left 2nd premolar-molar, which should follow in the next few months.


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