Smile+: a french social way to smile make-over

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Smile+ is a french concept to get smile make over more affordable.
This innovative technique is based on a direct composite injection and the use of a computer designed waxup and template from a 3D printing model.
The prepless and easy handling device with only additive flowable composite permit a better contouring and a more predictible result.

I 'm proud to present you another case here.
Dr.Patrick Bohn
D.D.S. Marseille- France

digital smile analysis

etch an d bond procedure
isolation steps

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Patrick; Other than "injection" of composite hasn't this been done for many years with Siltek and Mockup? regards Dr. S


Maurice, you are certainly right for the origin of the concept, but the innovation comes from the use of New technologies as DSD and 3D printing .
Regards and Respects.
Dr B.

DSD analysis
3D Design


Patrick, do all your patients in France prefer monochromatic shade on their teeth?. If the tooth has multiple Chroma and Hue on different areas of the labial surface how will you manage that case with your innovative CAD - Flow composite technique. Regards, Ashok.


Dear Ashok,
Even if this technique is a social solution to people who do no have access to esthetic dentistry, the outcome can be improved by a cutback on the incisal edge to add incisal shade and create more vitality.


A great technique with a less than ideal outcome.
The resin utilized in this case will not maintain a high polish and lacks vitality which is something that Dr. Ashok addressed.

The word 'affordable' always prepares us to expect less than we are used to so that more patients can be treated.
This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, "When we lower our standards, everything becomes acceptable."

This technique has potential if you can find a flowable resin that has edge strength and maintains a shine.


I agree Gerald,
If Smile+ remains a social solution during our economic crisis, I would have offered the best if I could , as porcelain veneers.
The choice for the best composite in this injection technique is essential. For that reason GC Universal Flo seems the more suitable with ils mechanical properties and its long tip.
Strengh and polishability are presented as excellent during Time.


Hi Patrick
Please do not assume that porcelain is THE BEST. Done correctly, resin, applied in layers with the appropriate types of resins (Microhybrid,opaquers and Microfils) are beautiful, functional and long lasting.

The majority of dentists are unable to produce fabulous results with resins for a variety of reasons.

Again, great work,


Sure Benjamin,
Because a majority of practitionners don't have the time or don't want to develop skills in composite stratification, this solution offer them to give back a smile to many peoplpe suffuring of their appearance.
After years of training for dental excellence alongside the best ( Lorenzo vanini, David Gerdolle,Brian Lesage,...) I realized that our skills were underutilized.
As the part of people in demand for a new smile is bigger, and that a lot of people don't have access to esthetic dentistry, a affordable solution had to be found.
The challenge is here!

Smile+ is currently in a development phase but will be soon available.



Hi Patrick -well done for putting a case on and showing everyday dentistry and the fact that not all French people can afford a ceramic solution.
If you get a chance to see Pascal Magne he has taken this idea several stages forward
You could also glaze your cases with Opti glaze
Good luck


Hi Barry,
I Would really enjoy to discover Pascal Magne last work.
Could you send me more information.


you could try IDEA in San Francisco or in europe


Thank you Barry for all!


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