Sinus membrane perforation management

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Posted on By Domagoj Grabovac In Sinus Augmentation

Four months after bone graft in Khoury technique #12, sinus lift with implant placement #12, #13 and #14 was planned.

Huge membrane laceration occurred.

BioGide membrane was tucked with pins on the palatal and vestibular bone wall.

In this way I could proceed with sinus floor augmentation and implant placement.

perforation membrane of the maxillary sinus

Bottis pin
Biogide membran and bottis pin

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Dome, this wonderful technique I`ve learned from professor Khoury, and you are the one who can apply it in no time.
This is the most safe way to handle big sinus membrane lacerations that I know.
Dr. Pohl


I agree with you Khory technique is great and gives excellent results.
Vielen Dank !😉


Domagoj, great case and exceptional skills displayed !

With such a large perf I would personally prefer to place the implant at a second stage. If I recall well Proussaefs et al have shown a big increase in %of implant failure when large perf is present. Major et al also showed the majority of the % of failures was among imlants placed in ridges with initial crestal height less than 5mm. So you have two major factors working against you.
I know that it is tempting to to do all in one sx but in a busy private practice even a 5% more failure can translate to 50+ failures aand this can become a nightmare. Just my experience, the older I get the more patient I become..:)
Please keep sharing your exceptional work.


And this is one huge excellent result my friend ...way to go..!!!!