Single implant with GBR maxillary lateral incisor

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60 year old lady, referred for implant placement in the maxillary right lateral incisor region. Favourable IHB, horizontal bone & soft tissue defect Seibert's Class 1. Ridge width at the crest 2.5mm, with a concave profile apically, thereby precluding ridge expansion and splitting. Implant placed against the palatal plate after tapping to prevent the push of the plate, and the resultant dehiscence was about 7-8 mm. Grafted using Autogenous chips as the first layer on the implant, followed by an Alloplast putty, and a pericardium membrane before achieving tension free primary closure. The last pictures are of 1 year follow up ( which was almost a year ago)

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Excellent result. I think putty really holds the graft in place and is responsible for this really really nice result. Very well done.

At our implant center, we place a screw retained temporary tooth also at the same time along with a gum graft (sectg) and if the case was really really bad, we add bmp also.(xxs bottle for $675, if bought as a six pack from medtronics).

So the patient always(almost always) leaves with a temp tooth and gets numbed only once....kind of a brand statement.

The job becomes a lot more labor some, but the cosmetics is really impressive because with this technique gum/sulcus/interproximal papilla enjoy 3 to 4 months of maturation around the contours of the temp tooth.

It is always inspiring to see results like this.

Sam Jain, DMD
Center For Implant Dentistry
Fremont, CA


Thanks for your appreciation Sambhav. This was a referred case for placement only. Moreover, I'm not altogether comfortable with an open wound system when there is grafting involved. Not happy with the ceramics, but I have not too much of a say in that matter.


very impressive out come of surgery narayan. raghu


Thank you Raghu.


very impressive out come of surgery narayan. regards raghu


Nice documentation and great job! I love to see and treat single tooth implants.


Great job....dr. S


Thank you Dr. Salama & Dr. Sims


Narayan. Well done. Very nice! Thank you for sharing.Chuck


Beautiful work Narayan. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Dr. Scwimmer & Ashok


How many people use B-TCP?
I've never included it in my grafts before.........should I reconsider???


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