Simple sinus and ridge augmentation

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One large and another smalll bony communication was relvealed afer elevation of flap. Crestal sinus elevation is contraindication in this case, so piezoelectric RBO window was prepared to elevate sinus mucosa.
To prevent postop sinusitis, bone graft was not placed in this sius after repair of mucosal perforation wit fast resorbable gelatin sponge.

Two implants were placed at the same time as tenting pole and special tenting abutments were also placed to relieve pressure from soft tissue after wound healing.

All miracles at a time is not a difficult procedure.

Sticky MTB and Bovine bone graft
Postop CBCT

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Dear Dong Sohn, Very advanced cases on display here. Can't really say all-in-one-go as you show here is simple. You clearly have very advanced clinical skills, but for most of us many things can go wrong here. Please keep us posted and updated! Regards


Thank you for your comments. If implants are not placed simultaneoulsy in this case, Ti mesh or bony plate technique (Koury's) or block bone graft with sinus bone grafting are needed. Those techniques are more difficult to do than this technique. This technique is more minimally invasive than other techniques. Thank you


Thanks for sharing, as already mentioned very advanced case. Perhaps consider tenting screws rather than implants exposed and performed in staged approach? Thanks for sharing here. Dr. S


I think that Bone quality and bone quantity was not good to allow stability of tenting screws in this case. Implants act as tenting screws. You can save edentulous healing time and better space maintenace with implants than temting screws. Thank you so much Ds