Scalloped Full Arch utilizing PET technique

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Patient presented with a desire to restore his ability to function. He had an extensive history of non-restorable cervical decay and loss of vertical due to wear. Because he had adequate bone, I elected to do a scalloped, FP1 prosthesis with PET and root submergence in the maxilla. PET was a concept that I was introduced to in February at the dental XP symposium.

Took a master class with Dr. Salama to understand concept and technique and further digital planning and guidance with Dr. Richard Martin.

Thoughts and comments are welcomed.
Dr. Jessica Lee

Provisional try-in

Apex guide by IBUR
Provisional designed by Lars Hansson

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Hi Jessica which guided system is that? Very challenging case, congrats!


Hello Fabio, thank you for your acknowledgment. It was a challenging case! The guided system that I used was from Iburbiosystems.



Nice Post. Correct diagnosis and treatment planning is paramount in these cases. When the decision is agreed upon that the dentition is terminal, long term functional success is the goal. Preservation of bone and soft tissue support is demonstrated in this case utilizing the PET technique and scalloped guide- Digital technology is a major aid in the surgical and prosthetic outcome of these cases. Your ability to grasp techniques learned through XP and apply to patient care shines in this case.




Thank you Richard, this was a hard case but digital shield planning was a big help.


Jessica. Tremendous skills on display. However, the maxillary doesn’t appear to a terminal. I certainly wouldn’t consider you as a good choice for my living will decision. Just kidding, but I don’t take extraction very lightly just because implant options have improved. Gotta respect the skills though.


Thanks Chuck for the skill acknowledgement. I called this case my heartbreak case. Patients caries were subgingival and I talked to patient about crown lengthening and longterm provisionals to open vertical again and work out significant posterior cross bite. Patient was afraid of long term sensitivity due to how much discomfort he currently had. He rejected all options to save dentition and was unwilling to discuss any further options to save teeth. I did not want patient to find someone who would cut off 10mm of bone to fit him with a FP3. Saved roots and utilized PET to preserve as much bone as possible.


Jessica; Great treatment and outstanding clinical and planning management. Yes, decisions to extract teeth that are salvageable is a doctor-patient decision and there are MANY factors that no one looking at the images can ever imagine or comprehend. In the end, we must do what is best for our patient and if extraction is decided upon then you did it the very BEST way possible in my opinion. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr. Salama looking forward to posting more cases and learning from so many other posted cases.