Ridge Expansion & GBR technique

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Posted on By DANIEL ROBLES In Bone Grafting

In this case, i show you how place implants in atrophic maxilla, using the ridge expansion technique, and GBR simultaneous. i used a periotome, screw expanders, and conical implants. And immediately, i made a GBR procedure with xenograft and allograft and collagenous membrane.

narrow crest

screw expansor

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"Show us" please. Dr. Salama


i´m triying but the photos has more than 4 mb


Ridge expansion technique is very effective proccess while implanting atrophic maxila including GBR simultaneous. Thank you DANIEL ROBLES.


thank you!


Great skills here. Do you have follow ups? How did you manage the transitional appliance to avoid pressure on wound? Did you consider expansion burs like Densah? What is your expectations of labial bone remodeling after leaving such a THIN labial plate? thanks Dr. Salama


Hi Maurice. Yes, I have a 5 year follow up. I´m going to look for the Xray. Densah burrs are very usefull when i have at 3-4mm but in this case i have ridge zones with 1.8 mm. The Gbr simulltaneus with xenograft and alograft, avoid or reduce the bucal plate resorption.
Thank you for your comment.


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