Ridge Augmentation for a Narrow Alveolar Crest

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Posted on By David Baranes In Bone Grafting

A 60 year old female patient presents to the clinic for a mandibular left non-removable implant supported restoration. Examination reveals a narrow alveolar crest that will not accommodate implant placements in the molar area. It was decided to perform a ridge augmentation initially and after a few months of healing to proceed with placement of implants.
Minimal flap reflection was performed in order to expose the host site. Adequate bone width in the anterior segment permitted placement of two implants. At the posterior segment, buccal decortication was performed and lateral augmentation was done with Bond Apatite. Closure was done without periosteal releasing incisions or membrane placement. The flap was instead stretched and sutured according to the bond apatite protocols.

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Hi Thanks for showing this case Could I ask a few questions? -do you have a photograph of the grafted site at the time of implant placed post bone graft? -you appear to have been able to place implants in the apparent very thin ridge in the premolar region and then grafted, could you have not placed implants more distal and grafted with augma over exposed threads? -because you reflect only just past the mcj wouldn't this mean that you would get a rather bulbous graft in the posterior region? -how long would you recommend the healing period before the grafted site can be implanted? -the initial graft posteriorly appeared to be thinner than needed, did you place further graft either at the time or when implants where placed? -with sincerity I'd like to believe in this miracle material. I can easily see the benefit in sockets and simple deficiencies but the cases you've demonstrated don't quite show great success in these difficult augmentations


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