A Review of case to "Make a Youngster Look Normal"

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This case was done 21 months ago when his Mother asked me to help her son 16 year old son look normal. He was missing permanent teeth and had retained deciduous teeth making him look like a 12 year old. We will extract deciduous teeth and place implants when he completes growing.
Direct resin adhesive dentistry has always been viewed as second rate treatment primarily for two reasons:
1. Most dentists have not been adequately trained in the use of direct resin placement and are not willing to spend the time or buy the appropriate composites.
2. Most dentists feel that they cannot charge sufficiently when compared to fees earned with indirect treatment options.

Resin is a fabulous material that allows the dentist to treat cases where porcelain is not an option for whatever reason.

14 year old full face
14 year old retracted view

16 year old full face shortly after direct resin was bonded on maxillary anterior teeth
16 year old smile post direct resin bonding

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Gerald; Great case my friend. I have seen Dr. Goldstein do this many many times. I am sure he too is pleased with your post. Did you do or consider any crown lengthening prior to the bonding? regards Maurice


Hi Maurice;
All of my dentistry is personally rewarding...I love it.
I performed electrosurgery to gain additional bonding surface. I did a wax up and transferred it with a putty matrix.
This intermediary dentistry will ideally last until the patient is 21 and then we will extract C and D; F and G and place implants in 6 and 11 and cantilever the laterals. The deciduous molars will be extracted as well and implants placed.


Super planning....that young man is in great hands.


Beautiful result, Gerald, and very rewarding I am certain. Maurice is correct...some of my greatest pleasures have been accomplishing results like these for not only fee based patients but pro bono as well. In fact that is why I started "Tomorrow's Smiles" charity where volunteer dentists accept at least one patient to change his or her smile and the dentist's expenses for lab or materials is covered by the charity.


Hi Dr. Goldstein;
I will restore a high school student in your honor.
Let's do it!


Gerald, if we take effort and have the knowledge, we see often happy patients. But if you are 16 and your teeth look like a small child teeth, then you come to Gerald - you LOVE him and dentistry and life...
Thank you for sharing and motivating us!


Thanks Snjezana!!!!!
I have been a spiritual Dental XPer my entire career... The unrelenting pursuit of excellence. At almost 70 and after 40 years, I still practice 5 days a week and do all my own wax ups. I truly expect to be a better dentist next week than I was this week.
It is truly sad how the average clinician is so accepting of mediocrity.
US News and World Report named "Dentistry" one of the best jobs in America yet 70-80% of all dentists here hate being a dentist. Inexplicable.
Thank you for your kind words and consistent support for my work. You are a rock star of our profession!!!



I shared your passionate words with my staff today and they said we need more guys like you that genuinely care! Bravo my friend -

The patients can feel your compassion also...




Gerald, Wonderful case. You've done life changing treatment for this young man.
Excellent work.
Take care Brian Mills


Thanks so much.
As a master of resin yourself, your compliment is a great honor.


Just found this post. I have a few questions.
How many teeth received electrosurg and how many teeth did you restore?
How do you fee out these cases to be adequately compensated for your time, materials etc versus the fees the case would cost if restored in porcelain?
What is your post op discussion about care, longevity and how long do you guarantee the restorations before the patient would have to pay to redo?


Hi Bruce;
I removed soft tissue from 8-10 teeth via electrosurgery.
Lab processed restorations were never in the equation because of cost and the fact that these were never designed to be long term restorations. At age 21, he will have deciduous teeth extracted and implants placed.

I have a different kind of practice. I am not insurance dependent so I gave the parent a flat fee for restoring the 8-10 teeth. The treatment required 2.5 hours and cost the patient ~ $2,000. I have a simple rule in my office: If I would be personally offended to have to pay for treatment again (in such a short period of time), I don't charge the patient to correct the problem. That said, the patient has done extremely well up to this point.

This case was done as a good deed rather than to maximize income. I have the luxury of doing the right thing because that is my philosophy of practice (and not because I am independently wealthy.)

Bruce, your questions are all valid and necessary. I am a general dentist but I limit my practice to fixing teeth and restoring implants from simple to complex. As I recall, it was not that challenging to do because he was the last patient of the day and there were no interruptions.


Excellent. Thanks for the extra details. Hope he appreciated what you've done for him and has the chance as they say to pay it forward if given the opportunity


Hi Bruce; Sorry for the delay in responding........ Hopefully all of us know the pleasure of doing a good deed. It is also hoped that the recipient of that good deed and generosity is appreciative and becomes generous towards others. Regards, Gerald


Hey Gerald
Amazing case and results. I have always appreciated your candor in the approach to dentistry and other stuff.

Also, Thanks for the comments :)



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