Restoration of Noncarious Cervical Lesions

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At this time, restoration of noncarious cervical lesions (NCCLs) is a common occurrence in clinics nowadays. Some reasons for this are the growth of the elderly population, a smaller rate of tooth loss, and possibly the increase of some etiologic factors. These factors include inadequate brushing techniques in gingival recession cases, corrosive food and drink consumption, and occlusal stress concentrating factors (occlusal interferences, premature contacts, habits of bruxism, and clenching). Unfortunately, Class V restorations also represent one of the less durable types of restorations and have a high index of loss of retention, marginal excess, and secondary caries. Some causes for these problems include difficulties in isolation, insertion, contouring, and finishing and polishing procedures. This work aims to help dentists in choosing the best treatment strategy, which necessarily involves steps of problem identification, diagnosis, etiological factor removal or treatment, and, if necessary, restoration. Finally, appropriate restorative techniques are suggested for each situation.

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Saif; Please post with larger size images and use the additional upload spaces available. Hard to see what you are describing here. Thanks Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr. Salama.
i would love to have more than 6 picture space to upload the full case .
thank you Dr. Saif.


Very nice class V restorations, Saif, but what about the MOD crack lines in the second bicuspid and the other aging amalgam restorations. Did you then change these to composite resin?


Thank you Dr. Ronald Goldstein.
i would love to. but some times i have to respect the Pt. wishes .
Her main complaint was thermo sensitivity .
i was planing to on-lay or crown the tooth but she refused due to Financial issue


Very Good work colleague !!

but do you use floss retractor in this clinical case ?

Best Regards


Nobel Biocare