Replacing 20 yr old Laboratory Fabricated Composite Veneers with Monalithic All Zirconia Veneers

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Posted on By Jeffrey Sims In Ceramics/Veneers

Jennifer has been a patient of mine for 25+ years. She came to me in the 80's with failing composite veneers which were placed to cover considerable tetracycline staining. It was decided to replace them with lab fabricated composite veneers due to financial reasons. They held up reasonably well, but the material darkened over time and I was just as excited to replace them as she was.

Finally, this past Fall she was in a financial position to replace them. I already had prepared a diagnostic wax up, utilized a putty stent, placed a mock up in her mouth to show her what a new look would be like. She was ready

I used a diaode laser to reduce the sulcus depth of laterals and centrals after sounding to bone to obtain better proportions. The old restorationns were removed, redefined margins etc.

All Zirconia veneers were chosen to ensure the severe tetracycline staining would be blocked. Mr Pinhas Adar fabricated the Monolithic All Zirconia Veneers and I was totally confident the resulst would be wonderful.

Usual protocol for cementation was used.

Jennifer was ecstatic with the results and is the most appreciative patient I have ever had the pleasure of treating! Hopfully, we will restore her lower teeth in the future.

Of course, my thanks to Pinhas Adar for his exceptional abilities and creativity!

Pre op smile of old composite restorations
Old restorations removed, margins refined and tissue manipulated

Right lateral pre op
Right lateral post op all zirconia monolithic veneers

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It looks really nice.
How did you bond, materials and technique, and how confident are you of the bond of these all zirconia veneers ?


Pinhas uses a product called HotBond on the Zirconia which can be etched and cemented in a usual fashion. link for article for bonding zirconia restorations is:

I am very confident about the longevity of these restorations.



Thanks for sharing! nice results with monolithic zirconia. Patient must be very happy with the outcome and that is a great satisfaction. Congrats!

Seems that "hot bond" to zirconia is the application of a thin layer of glass ceramics to the inner part of the restoration in order to allow us to treat the surface with HF acid and silane... Very interesting. I would like to see long term results, since the % glass ceramics chipping of the zirconia in conventional restorations happens (30% probabilities). following this fact, it would be possible that this thin layer also peels off too. Anyway just curious about that procedure, it would be nice to see a follow up.



Nice longevity, Jeff and beautiful new case no doubt you will get equal results!


Thanks Dr. Goldstein!


This is beautiful work! Good job!