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Patient has Caries under bridge #6,11 which are restored as #7-10.. bridge teeth look long

History of failing implants to #8,9 area

my treatment thoughts are:

have GP make Essix #7-10 or temporary bridge #4-13 first

then ext #6,11 implants in #6,11 (which are really #7,10) bone graft membrane, connective tissue to widen #8,9 if retry for implants is ever needed and pontic site develop.

Thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.


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I would strongly reconsider your plan. I would redo the bridge and remove decay and make a good provisional.
Then ortho extrusion of #6 & #11 to bring down bone and KT.
This would make for better harmony and esthetics for gingival margins and tooth proportions.
Then re-eval after 3 months.
Either new bridge or implants at #6 & #11 (possible socket shield).
regards Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr. Salama for the advice.. glad it was evaluated..

I saw there is a Soft tissue course you are having Feb 7. Is that for GPs or are there all fields in the course?