Recession on implant

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Posted on By Khanh Nguyen In Anterior/Esthetic

Patient is unhappy because the implant crown is longer than the adjacent teeth. The implant was placed immediately by the restoring dentist.

Txpl is to perform CTG in the area to bulk it up. Even though I think #8 needs crown lengthening I'm not sure the patient will agree since those are new crowns on the anterior. Patient was also concerned that because she had the crowns replaced that's why she lost #9 so she may not agree to additional treatment.

Would you recommend a bone graft as well or just tissue graft?

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Hi Khanh, Tough case. I think restoring the adjacent teeth again after performing crown lengthening would help greatly. But I understand the patient's reserves. A mock up would be a good way to show her the benefits off crown lengthening. Bone grafting over an implant like this can be challenging ( wide implant, probably too facial, with little or no facial bone) and can further compromise esthetics due to scarring. Some CT augmentation for sure would help here. Good luck and keep posted!


A common dilemma. Look at this post on a very similar situation and then look at related posts Part 2 and Part 3. Dr. Salama


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