Protocol for autograft study .

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Hello All
The idea of this study was driven from the valuable discussion after posting some auto graft cases on dental XP .
Title :
6 months prognosis of auto graft prepared from extracted teeth .
Objectives :
1-Prognosis of both soft tissue & bone in six months period .
2-Bone pattern, morphology , histology obtained from Auto grafting .
3-Implant progress with Auto grafting in both immediate implant and late placement .
Materials & Methods :
1-10 auto graft patient, age ranges from 35-65 years (7 females & 3 Males ) total 63 implants
2-All patient had extraction , auto graft prepared from extracted teeth & implant insertion .
3-CBCT & clinical photos periodically to follow progress
4-Histological examination of the end of 6th months to evaluate formed bone .
5-This cases were done during the past 3 months..
Conclusion :
A trial to add more data to the auto graft procedures after 6 months follow up , data will be updated on dental XP …
Comments & thought are most welcomed,,

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It is a very good idea to do some clinical research and give some new evidence. My preliminary findings are more than encouraging and I think that en effort must be done to confirm and spread this concept.
Great idea, Professor Moussa!
Best regards


Dear Snjezana ,,,Your comments are always most welcomed, Thanks for your positive support. Research is always the answer for some of our questions. With my best regards…Wahib


Dr. Moussa

I think your study is long overdo. I agree with Snjezana 100%. I have been utilizing Autograft plates and particulate for many large reconstructions in the maxillae and mandible for a while now in animals with excellent documented results in clinical and radiographic follow ups. My situation is histology is an option occasionally. Even though you cannot compare animals to humans in your results you obtain, that is my new understanding.

Never the less we are getting excellent results with bone and soft tissue.

Thank You for the study



Dear Dr.Rocco. Please allow me to admire your continued academic research in various aspects of implant in animal experience. Thank you very much for academic experience with autograft Is very encouraging. And I thought of adding some research is needed. Thanks again. With my best kind regards. Wahib


Love the idea and really look forward to the results of this study. Thank you dear doc 😊


Dear Ehab ,so nice to receive your professional and
supportive comment.
Thank you .with my best kind regards.
Wahib .


Dear Dr Wahib,

Thank you for this amazing effort and contribution. I am personally very interested in the topic of autografting and hope that I may make my own humble contribution to the topic someday.

Kind regards,
Khalid Ibrahim


Dear Dr. Khalid Thank you four kind words, It will be my pleasure to support you in your project about auto grafting, if you need that. With my best kind regards. Wahib Moussa


It would be an honor to have your support Dr. Wahib.