Pittsburgh Pennsylvania perio practice for sale

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Posted on By Bob Septak In Periodontics

Long standing modern practice with all of the latest technology. Services include periodontics, implant and regenerative therapies. Well managed and very profitable with a stable and loyal referral base.

Learn and grow and be mentored in all phases. Owner will stay to train and transition for 2 to 3 years to insure continuity and success.

Earn well over $500k after your loan payment!!

Located in America’s Steel City, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Recently dubbed “The New Cool” by Forbes, Pittsburgh has come a long way from its steel beginnings.

Pittsburgh is proud to rank among the top places to live, work, and visit in the United States. This city is consistently recognized with accolades from major travel and financial organizations as one of the most livable cities with one of the most viable economies. We have been honored as a first-rate city for livability, culture, and economy for several years.

Low cost of living, a high quality of life and voted twice as "Most Livable City in America" and the New York Times voted 'Best Food City in America" in 2016. The Steel City's downtown area remains a vibrant mix of culture, arts and innovation. The city has a top rated ball park, and is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates and Penguins!

* Top Rated Universities - University of Pittsburgh, CMU
* Innovation - Google, Uber- First city to test self-driving cars!
* Pittsburgh has been a center for medical research for decades.
* Culture - Pittsburgh Symphony, Benedum Center, Heinz Hall (trustarts.org).

For more information about this practice please contact me.

You can reach me at 412-931-1040 or email bob@udba.biz.


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