Pet Perspectives /Sever Attrition, Max Incs, and Mand Incs w K9s

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This case will hopefully result in a complete Max and Mand Restoration ( Incs/K9s )
Owner rescued from a shelter and was referred to me for a oral evaluation
Severe wearing of all incisors and attrition of lower K9s just waiting to Fx
She wanted this dog to have teeth if possible Ok! Plan was to extract all incisors, augment, and repair the Mand K9s. The K9s were prepped at the initial surgical procedure and impressions were made. Today, the Veneer Crowns or on-lays were cemented. Owner loves steel! Me too More impressions of max and mand arches were made today with the high hopes of designing modified maryland bridges. Impossible, Maybe !
If so, implants will be placed @ 5 months depending on the sites...
I am very open to any and all suggestions if anyone is up to it!
Thank You
Rocco Mele

2 weeks post/Veneer crowns
Demo of Attrition R

Attrition L
Max Pre op

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You are pushing Veterinary dentistry to new heights...good for you.


Thanks Gerald
Why not! Occasionally the push back can be challenging especially in the negative attitudes of certain groups.



Dr. Mele,

I am no DVM, but I remember (vaguely) the differences in the mandibular border movements of canines/felines vs. humans from an occlusion course in dental school. With purely rotational movements (and not translational like omnivores/herbivores), it seems like any occlusal forces on implant restorations in the incisor areas would be subjected mainly to compressive force and minimal or no lateral or protrusive forces. Is this correct? If so this would be an ideal load for dental implants to shoulder and it seems like implant bridges to replace the missing incisors would be a more than viable option assuming you have acceptable bone dimensions. Hope I'm not too far off. Nice work as usual!


Jon, Good Morning
Thanks a lot. I have always believed the incisors in the domestic dog are the perfect place for implant / restoration
I can honestly say that the mechanics of tooth movement gives me a headache. I do agree with your analysis of forces applied to the incisor are minimal in the normal domestic dog. The challenge is finding the normal patient.
Normal for the dog can drive me crazy when it comes to the implant business or any other kind of oral surgery. Im sure you can imagine how much damage a dog can do with his mouth ( to his mouth and to your living environment ) I will bet this happens in people after your work is completed ?
So, I think implanted supported bridges are a viable option
Very few problems with implant integration. The formula for successful restoration is a continual learning process.
In this case we are working on a design for a bridge that would be supported by the canines w several pontics.( no implants ) Hoping we can get a functional and stable appliance. Could be we are bumping up against the laws of physics, possibly... or maybe not. I will let you know with the positive or negative results

Jon, thanks for you thoughts