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Very Interesting and challenging case ( for me ) " Shoba " needs a crown to finish his Westminster Championship. You see people appreciate a beautiful smile and so do our Canine patients :)

Patient came from N Carolina to Arizona to repair a Fx mandibular incisor. Challenge was flat root w minimal inter proximal bone, extraction with out compromising surrounding teeth, and stabilizing the implant apical.

Densah was helpful in slight compression w inter proximal bone and preparing the bone apical ( 2mm counterclockwise drilling only ) 3.0 X 13 mm Hahn taper was perfect. Implant level impressions were completed at the time of surgery. My hope was only one more visit for restoration.

Now screw retained or custom abutment and cemented crown? My inclination screw retained if possible...


Presenting Site w retained Root
Densah 2.0mm

Implant / Sub Crestal Placement
Implant Level Impression Coping

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Nice case Roco. Good job. Just for curiosity-- is occlusal principles are different in canines compared to humans? Probably You may get different occlusal pattern in different animals, how do you manage. Not easy. Regards. Ashok



Thank you
Many different occlusion patterns especially in dogs...
There are many different occlusion problems that can be dealt with that can be challenging, simply because maintaing the treatment can be difficult. I handle many with otho bands/buttons, acrylic slides, not easy.
I will post a really wild otho case later today that demonstrates what some complications animals can experience with ortho treatment...




This appliance (slide) was cemented to move the mandibular canines buccal.
The presenting mal occlusion was both mand canines were palatally verted causing trauma to the lateral incisor and palate. The canine movement was successful BUT this was a definite complication :)


Successful Movement
See the Complication?


Rocco, thanks for the update. I really appreciate your commitment and patience. Regards.


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