Pet Perspective/Max Reconstruction (9 Weeks Post)

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Repair of maxillary, palatal, osteonecrosis and oral-nasal communication.
Shunt was closed with a thin lamellar bone membrane. Maxillary and palatal bone was cleaned up with multiple football finishing burs and stabelized with a cortical-cancellous rib strut ( palatal ) remaning defect built up with Dentin autologous particulate. Cover up with a layer of fascia lata

Site is stable with adequate bulk ( tissue / bone ) clinically and radiographically. Probing solid, however no reason to open the site for histology. In companion animal cases histology is difficult to justify...


Presenting Situation L Max Canine
Rib Strut Palatal Stabilization

Bone Membrane / Dentine
Fascia Lata Membrane to support the Allograft and Soft Tissue

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Great job Rocco. Thanks for sharing this case. Whats your opinion on dentin auto graft?. Will that re model or just it acts as a scaffold ?. If iam not wrong, first you remove the inorganic contents of the dentin before using it as a graft, and if its remodeling, how much time it might take. Quite interesting. Regards.



I believe that dentine grafting is a great additive to my grafting materials and procedures. Literature states excellent results for socket preservation and ridge maintenance. Im starting to see many larger defects addressed with combination of dentine plates and particulate also with great results ( Clinical / Histological )

Seems to stick around longer than most materials and acts as a scaffold and remodels as well. Some people think that you get less ridge resorption with dentine compared to other grafting materials ?

Particulate is cleansed with NaOH and 30% Alcohol for 10 minutes for dissolving all organic debris. Rinse with buffered saline for 3 minutes. I have also added biomaterial, allograft, if only have a small amount of dentine.

Unfortunately, my results only consists of observation, clinical, and radiographically. My findings are very limited when understanding dentine and implant placement. My implants are almost 100% immediate.

My experience has been exclusively for larger defects and have had no complications with 30 cases. Results have been excellent for tissue and bone production...


Another Large Defect / Osteomyelitis
9 Weeks


Same osteomyelitis case w sequential X-ray study
Post / 5 Weeks / 9 Weeks

Dentine Rad Documentation