Pet Perspective / Oral Trauma in a 7# Dog

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Referral for severe extra / intraoral trauma. Multiple soft tissue lacerations with vertical mandibular fracture extending from superior to inferior cortex. Unstable.
Fix: Selective pre molar extraction, mini T plate.
Fx reduction, plate fixated with 1.5 X 8mm self tapping mini screws.
Proper plate position required T to be placed between the roots of the
4th pre molar, selective XS of the 3rd pre molar, and re positioning of
mental n. ( see photos )
PRF and Collagen membrane placed to cover plate and support the torn musculature and soft tissue before primary closure.
Notice on the final closure photo the screw penetration at the lingual plate. Screw tip flattened with a fine diamond before a few sutures were placed. Challenge was not the treatment planning but the size of patient.


Mand Fx/Soft Trauma
Mini T Plate Fixated

Mental Nerve Re Positioned
Tissue Repair

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5 Days Post Op

Soft Tissue Healing


Rocco, great surgery in a tiny place! What a challenge, you master it!
Tell me Rocco, the last image - soft tissue healing, the patient was awake? Do your patients need some sedation for a wound control?
Thank you for sharing!
Warm regards



Awake for the last photo.

We have patients that maintenance is not difficult. On the other hand some impossible and maintenance control is left in the hands of God...

In this case, if we were to get a post op infection, plate exposure etc. sedation or general anesthetic is needed.

I always hold my breath when rechecking oral surgery cases :)

Thank You



I think that you would find no shortage of people willing to write letters of recommendation for acceptance to dental school.
You could skip the first two years!
Great work as always.


Thank You.
Your insight and expertise into dentistry is refreshing.

I really don't think the dental arena would welcome a 70 year old out spoken Dog and Cat Veterinarian :)))

Thanks again my friend.



You might be right SUNY/Buffalo School of Dentistry does not have much interest in a 70 year old outspoke human dentist.
Clinical Associate Professor,SUNY/Buffalo (visiting)


KLS Martin