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Referred with incomplete history and L proximal mandibular fracture with a large bone fragment missing (resorption?) Also noted was 2 maxillary lateral incisors misplaced and the L mandibular canine palatally verted leading to a uncomfortable bite.

Treatment plan was to align the proximal fragment to make a more comfortable bite. To this end selective pre molar extractions were accomplished (#s 305;306) Fx was aligned and stabilized with a 4hole mini plate. The proximal fragment was only to receive one cortical screw.
Distal 2 cortical interradicular mini screws. Defect was filled with Fusion Bone Putty (No Membrane)

Bite was normalized for comfort. On the 3 month re X-ray the lateral max incisors may be extracted.


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Great work- Im so impressed with your work- knowing how difficult it can be to plate fractures - I m truly in appreciation of your talents




Hey Rich

You are to kind, Thank You
I was introduced to rigid plate fixation in the 60s as a student and still love the challenge of plates, screws, pins, and wires.