Pet Perspective / L Max Plate Failure

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This case very similar to Snjezana's " STOP " posted today
Traumatic maxillary fx with a large section of the maxillae avulsed.
Prepared the large fragment and fixated with cortical screw surrouned with bone putty (very stable) On re entry max plate gone wondering why. The case today answered some important questions.

Used the screw as a tent. Xenograft filled the gap ( Second Procedure )

On the X-rays Bottom L Plate and Screw. Bottom R Tenting Screw and Graft

Thanks Snjezana for posting the case


Presenting Max Trauma
#1,2 Plate Fix / #3 Plate Gone

Xenograft / PRF
Final Tension Free Flap

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Indeed, it is very similar. The maxilla bone plate just melted away and the particulate followed.
It is going to be a STOP week:)
Thank you for sharing. Each one from us has something like that and it takes ages until we figure out for ourselves what happened. Together we have a lot of experience. As my grandma used to say " All people together know everything".
Warm regards


To bad we don't pay attention to "Grandmas" growing up
They do have a lot of wisdom mostly by trial and error...




I am still amazed that you are able to do these operations!

I am wondering if the patient's diet has anything to do with this? scratching- chewing dental bones? :) Hard enough to get humans to be compliant- How do get animals to do it?




Hey Richard
Diet and / or hard objects will not produce a situation as presented in the post. This was a young G Dane in a "BIG" fight.

Referred to us a time post trauma. You can see the the bony necrotic changes and avulsed teeth. Young dogs like this have much softer bone predesposing to serious traumatic fractures. This owner lives quit a distance and difficult to get proper follow up X-rays. Although she contacts us periodaclly with positive reports.

It can be very frustrating getting the owner / patient compliance.



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