Pet Perspective / Fortigen-P / 18 Months F-Up

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Traumatic R Mandibular fracture w multiple bone a tooth fragments. Cleaned area of bone and tooth remnants while selectivly extraction of several teeth. Mesial root apical root fragment was left in place. Did not want to weaken or fracture the inferior cortex and traumatize the inferior alveolar bundle more than already traumatized.

Fracture reduced and stableized w one 2.0 cortical self tapping screw. Defect was filled a new product I have been clinically studying for several years ( Fortigen-P )

The bone healing was exceptional, in fact exuberant. Soft tissue also very nice.


Break Through Technology in Bone Grafting!
FORTIGEN-P is the first of its kind; an enhanced bone graft with BMP-like technology.

FORTIGEN-P is real bone allograft (Orthomix®), with a proprietary surface modification that delivers enhanced osteoinductivity, robust healing, and a powerful and effective alternative to BMP-2. It has been developed and tested over the past 3 years and the surgical successes in extremely complicated cases are nothing short of amazing (see case studies below). FORTIGEN-P surface modifications have been shown to result in responses in vitro that are comparable to BMP-2. In clinical cases, healing times and outcomes are comparable to those found with BMP-2. The safety profile for FORTIGEN-P is superior to that reported for BMP-2, because the signal stays with the graft facilitating bone formation locally.

FORTIGEN-P can be used in a wide variety of surgical applications – including periodontic, orthopedic, neurosurgical, and other reconstructive surgeries. It may used by itself, or in combination with autograft, additives (such as PRP, antibiotics, or bone marrow), or other implants.

Presentation R Mandible
Fixation/ Graft / Membrane

Sequential Rads ( note the stable apical fragment )
18 Mo / ( note last molar xs at follow up )
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Amazing, Rocco, this case is really amazing!
It`s good to see a stable apical fragment - FORTIGEN-P and apical fragment are valuable informations that you generously shared with us!
Best regards


Awesome case!! Any ideas on when/if this will be available on the 'human' market in the US?


Jon / Snj

Thanks for the interest and comments.
" When / If " is a good question. I believe the end results of our trials will be in the Human field ???

I have had excellent results clinically. Some major histology studies combined with other human research should be available soon



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