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I repaired this palatal defect 1.5yr ago. This case was posted on the forum a while back. I got the referral after the patient had several attempts to close the defect. The previous surgeries left the patient edentulous. We designed a custom bulb obturator w multiple holes for screw fixation. The device was stable for over 1.5 years. The proximal interface opened up letting food enter the nasal cavity causing chronic food impaction, sinusitis, and discomfort for the patient.
Very reluctant to remove the device due to the compromised site ( poor tissue and lack of supporting bone )

Treatment plan: remove the device clean the obturator, new impressions for new obturator, or reposition the old device filling the defects perm soft denture re-liner.

Case demonstrates re lining the bulb, 2 Ti screw fixation for the old obturator, defect filling and painting the material to cover the palate and plate for additional comfort

If needed the new impressions can be used for a new modified palatal obturator. No clue what that will be yet.....


Plate at Approx 1 Year
Proximal Tissue Defect at 1.5Yr

Todays Larger Defect
Partial Plate and Bulb Reline

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Nice work Dr. Mele! What is the follow up care for this patient for plaque control? Any oral rinses added to its water? Any food the pet cannot have after a treatment like this? Again, great job! PS, my dog lost his mn central incisor chewing a t-bone, gonna have to make a trip to tuscon!


Hey Jon
No bones for dogs :)
Saw the patient this morning. Looks great. Adapting very well having the plate and screws covered with the reline material. We can always do " touch ups " w this material if needed.

Flush w dilute CHX solution. Feed small cubed boiled chicken. No hard or soft food.

Anytime to Tucson. Love to put your expertise to work on some of my patients. Great exprience for me.




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