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Case was referred for surgical intervention after the regrowth of a ossifying epulis that was excised 1 year ago. Veterinary oral masses can be benign and also invasive/destructive. Histology was previously completed at the referring practice.

Ossifying epulis is smooth, not ulcerated. Originates from fibrous and bone tissue and could become malignant osteosarcoma. Surgical removal of teeth, bone and tissue may be difficult to remove completely.

Large mandibular defects are rebuilt with Equine block/particulate or Dentine plates/particulate. Equine surface demineralized cancelleous blocks are very dense. Adapt to drilling and don't crack with cortical screws.

Blocks made of dense cancellous bone; used for:

Void filling
Bridging gaps
Anchoring implants
Opposing tooth drift
Filling voids and extraction sites

After years of using these blocks and particulate (Equine) long term results are excellent. I had the opportunity to examine one very large mandibular repair histologically with Equine that demonsrtates these positive results Notice the apical designed block is wedged w complete stability. The second block is stabelized with one 1.5mm cortical screw into the solid symphysis...
The best results with large defects is a combination of Eq block and particulate bone


Eq Demineralized Block

Bed Prep/Block Stabelization
Xenograft (Equine)

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Thank you for sharing you knowledge and experience, Rocco.
Thanks to your sharing and video presentation from dr. Felice I became aware of equine bone block. Equine bone blocks have great mechanical properties.
I would love to see histology!
So far it seems that the only difference between your and our patients is PET :))
Best regards



My PET perspective is a little different than your PET perspective :)))

Sent you a complete study ( Surgical, Post op, Histological)
of Eq block and particulate.

Can you send me the link of the video that you mentioned
( Dr. Felice )




Rocco, here is the link

Thank you for your mail, more than interesting. Since the bone composition in dogs is similar to that of humans we can learn a lot from you.

Histology is taken 4,5 months after surgery, what time period would it be at humans?





Thank you for the excellent video link. On review of Dr Felice,s clinical and histologic material at 4.5 months, is about the same as my results in the dog mandible.

So, time period about the same. The other interesting fact is I removed the plug for Histo the trephine blade bent. Very dense remodeled bone...



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