PET or No PET!

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Posted on By Mhd Nadim Haidar In Implants

Hello friends!
A 26 years old female presented with a complete horizontal fracture on tooth #10. There is a periapical radiolucency and the tooth is asymptomatic. Is it possible to do PET and immediate with the presence of apical radiolucency. I have done PETs on roots with RCT but no periapicals. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful weekend:)

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Yes Mhd go for it!
Antibiotic pre and post.
Remove GP and perf apex.
Section tooth and root mesiodistally.
Remove palatal portion.
Remove apex thru socket
Curette apex
Laser apical area thru socket
Shape SS.
Place implant.
Good luck!


Great thank you Paul!


Agree with Paul's opinion, you also have apical bone to achieve primary stability for your implant. Regards


Thank you Fabio!


I agree as well. I have had many successful PET even with apical lesions. Simply spend ample time to ensure you have complete removal of all affected tissue. Best Ben Lashley


Thank you Ben! Regards


Go for it ..... just ensure curetage after removing the palatal part and shaping the SS.....Good luck Nadim