P.E.T. or no P.E.T.?

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Posted on By Matthew Giulianelli In Implants

Would love to get the groups opinion for this case on whether P.E.T. makes sense or go with a delayed approach grafting the site and using a membrane for GBR. 63 y.o. male with non contributory med hx. #21 post core and crown failed due to recurrent caries. Endo was done over 10 years ago and crown was done in 2007. Any considerations performing the socket shield on an endodontically treated tooth with recurrent caries?

Sagittal view

Axial View

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Here is a LIST of presentations and videos on Dentalxp describing EVERYTHING PET related including technical aspects.
Take a look. It will ANSWER all your questions. And yes, this seems like an ideal PET case. regards and good luck Dr. Salama


Thanks Dr. Salama, have viewed a handful of them in the past, excellent resources, will be sure to watch the rest


Matt; PET works. This case falls in line for sure BUT we must understand the technique and biology. There is a hands on XP program on this in January in NYC. See rotating banner at top of page or go to courses on XP home page. Good luck


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