PET on Periodontally involved patient

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A patient displays with severe periodontal disease and attachment loss/mobility of maxillary posterior region. Rather than extract ALL the posterior teeth, we performed a unique form of partial extraction therapies which included ROOT RESECTIONS of both posterior molars, we kept the 2nd molar distal and palatal roots as abutment for 2nd molar crown (removing the mesial buccal root of the 2nd molar and distal buccal and palatal roots of the 1st molar as root amputations). We performed SOCKET SHIELDS 1st premolar and MB root of 1st molar (2nd premolar not present). In my opinion Root resection/root amputations should be INCLUDED as a part of PARTIAL EXTRACTION THERAPIES/PET. Here is the 3 year follows. Thoughts welcomed. Dr. Salama

Root Resections as part of periodontal surgery
PA preop displaying furca and infrabony defects

After Root amputations of 2nd molar MB and 1st molar DB & Palatal Roots
SS Implants on 1st & 2nd premolar & Pontic Shield on on MB root 1st molar

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PRGF and Sutures

PRGF & Fibrins placed
PTFE sutures prior to immediate provisional


Immediate Temp

Temp cyliners and rubber dam day of surgery
Temp placed screw retained OUT of OCCLUSION


3 years post op

3 years post
3 years post


Before and After radiographs....THOUGHTS? Contemporary Periodontal and PET Surgeries COMBINED....

PA preop
PA 3 years Post op


Excellent concept!
Remember that 6 years ago we were thinking that SS was only for aesthetics reasons...and now the "bone preserving thru PET" is a must in every place on mouth.
We can see clearly that the extractions of those roots would lead to biology programed resorption, no matter what we graft the gap with.
Perfect execution and results.
Regards Mo.


Thanks Jorge, PET is evolving indeed. Mo


Excellent!! Old School meets new school. Full circle we go.
Just love it


Indeed my friend. regards Mo


This is the textbook example of nature preservation. You kept everything that could be kept and prevented classical problems that we often see if we follow the main stream (still main stream:) concepts.
Best regards


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