PET Case to restore or to wait?

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Hello XP Family,
It's my first time to post on the forum however it isn't my first time to be on Dental XP. I learned a lot from all of you during the meetings that I love always to attend and online. I told Maurice last time I saw him at the symposium that I will post this case. You are a true inspiration!

PET done on tooth #8 with mixed 50/50 Allograft placed. Custom healing abutment was placed at the time of the surgery. Took PA after 4 months, I still see some radiolucency around the implant. No signs of mobility or exudate present.

Should I be worried or just wait couple more months before restoring it? I would love to hear from you.


Pre-op PA

Pre-op CBCT
Implant placement

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This is the PA's at the time of the placement and after 4 months

PA Implant Placement
4 months


Nice case and documentation. I would have prepared the shield line angel to line not carry the shield interproximally as much. 2nd, always make sure that you prepare the shield and remove all of the root canal remnants and apex. A gates gliden file often can assist with the direction of preparation or you can do it GUIDED next time. 3rd, prep shield level to bone crest and always make certain to leave space above the shield and laterally for soft tissue to grow over the top of shield avoiding exposures.
In this case, all should be fine but check again when you remove the healing abutment. regards Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr. Salama! I appreciate your comments and the all the tips that I will be definitely using on my next case.
Will upload new photos once restored.


Can I ask have you undertaken a double shield here -looks like there is palatal root present as well as buccal


Barry, No double shield, the palatal portion was removed. Thank you


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