#PET for adjacent implants

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Posted on By Aliasger Tunkiwala In Implants

Maintaining tissue contour and interdental tissue levels is challenging with adjacent implants in aesthetic zone. This case demonstrates the use of partial extraction therapy with two adjacent socket shields (#8 & #9) and one submerged root (Tooth #7) that help in maintaining almost 100% labial contour and slight improvement in already lost interdental tissue. With no bone substitutes or adjunctive soft tissue procedures, this is a great way to manage adjacent implants in the aesthetic zone.

Pre Op Condition: Both Centrals & Right Lateral in Trouble
The faulty restorations removed

The Shields to save the bone

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Great case management and an another piece of evidence about PET superiority!
Ali, have you prepared palatal shields? Mesio-palatal?
It was great to meet you in Florida, congratulations again for the Team India lecture!
Best regards


nice case just a suggestion , if you would have added some buccal bulk on the gingival portion of restorations you might have been able to lower tissue toward the gingival there ,thereby creating a better illusion of papillas tnx for case aryeh