Perio regeneration with Emdogain alone

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Patient presented with vertical boney defect mesial to UR central incisor. A decision to save the tooth instead of jumping to extract and implant. Flap design ala Cortellini et al "Simplified papilla preservation", scaling and root planning, prefgel (EDTA) application and Emdogain. Ref: The simplified papilla preservation flap.

Ref: A novel surgical approach for the management of soft tissues in regenerative procedures. IJPRD 1999

Will keep you guys posted on the outcome

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Michel; Any radiographs? When I see these perio lesions with slight supra-eruption and a diastema, I typically find OCCLUSAL issues and traumatic occlusion superimposed as a distinguishing and direct factor. PA radiographs typcially display a WIDENED PDL. I ALWAYS perform occlusal therapy and adjustment FIRST prior to perio GTR regeneration. Your flap and gtr management are exquisite but without proper diagnosis and occlusal therapy you may not get the response you are looking for. Did you evaluate occlusion? Thanks for sharing with our educational/academic website and members. Dr. Salama


Thank you Dr. Salama for your valuable input. Of course a phase I treatment of occlusal evaluation and adjustment was done with slight supra-gingival cleaning prior to the surgery was done. I typically splint teeth that are going to withstand perio regeneration however in this case mobility wasn't high and no splinting was done. Will post pre-op and post op shortly! Best Michel


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