Perio-implant patient - long term follow up

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Posted on By snjezana pohl In Periodontics

Recently I received a jumbo mail with follow up images of some of my patients, that I treated in my ex-office in Germany. Unfortunately, offices limited to OMS are often struggling to follow up the patients.
This patient is a high motivated, non-smoker patient. It`s not a fancy post, I`m sure that Dr. Salama, Chuck and the other dear colleagues have many stabile long term results. Nevertheless, 13 years are encouraging. Implant placement was done minimal-invasive, CTG was added. Patient is in 6-months recall.

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Line on the #10 gingiva is from palatal rugae, it was displaced at implant placement and it never disappeared. There is a horizontal volume loss, I would gladly insert a CTG.


Snjezana. You know I love this stuff! Coincidentally my first Perio - Ortho patient (advanced Perio)I treated as a grad student 30 years ago found me on FB. Said she still had all her teeth(other than ones lost day one)and was doing well. I am trying to obtain images. HENRY THIS WAS MY FIRST PRESENTATION IN THE BRADEN ROOM!


I really hope you`ll get the pictures. 30 years ago, wow! It motivates a lot when we see that our diagnostic and therapy give stabile results.



Great case! I am looking for a case with same cervical findings after rugae graft - do you think we just did nt de- epithelialize enough?




I harvest CTG only in one incision technique, it can`t be reason. It`s displacement of rugae or the line on the top of relatively fresh extraction sockets, see the pics.



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