pediatric bruxism

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in my practice, I've encountered few pediatric cases with sleep bruxism!the patients are around 5 years old! what I know, is that its contraindicated to prescribe nightgaurds for them at this age. Any ideas about this? treatment options? prognosis?
Layla Adnan

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Laila, This child is at the cusp of nighttime grinding and hopefully it will stop within the year. There is some good advice from Paul Rubin: And it may well take a biteguard if it continues...I saw that Amazon has a number of biteguards for kids to wear at night. Also the child's pediatritian may want to deal with the cause which is subconscious stress. I have been much more concerned with kids that day grind and have just published an article you may want to read: “The Clinical Management of The Journal of the American June 2017 Co-Author Awake Bruxism” Dental Association


I am truly thankful for your reply Dr. Goldstein. the link was so helpful. unfortunately, i couldn't access your article, but it seems interesting.
thank you