Part 1: Triplex - Tuberosity Graft and Dentin Autograft

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Posted on By snjezana pohl In Bone Grafting

This case is complex - it is divided in two parts.
First part: Staged procedure for low jaw. After implants extraction the defect is augmented with bone-CTG-epithel tuberosity graft. Dead spaces are filled with autograft plus PRF. Sockets after tooth extraction are augmented with dentin autograft+PRF. Fixed tooth supported provisional bridge. After three months implants are placed.

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Can’t wait to see part 2- will comment on that post




Rich, there is already Part 2 lol


Amazing work as always. One question, where and how was the autograft harvested for the defect site where the implants were removed?

Thanks Naheed


Thank you, dear Naheed.
Blade, chisels and hammer were used for "triplex" graft harvesting from the tuberosity. I actually planned to take a CTG from tuberosity and scrape the bone there. Than during incision the idea came to harvest bone, CTG and epithelium in one peace. It was easy to pin this graft. The donor site was covered with PRF membranes and healed absolutely uneventful.
Best regards


Snjezana, you are very didactic and this case is PET/SPOT 100%! In this case a staged procedure assures perfection!
Teeth supported provisional here is the perfect companion to this kind of work.
Thanks for showing us the correct way!


Thank you, Jorge, for spotted the spots:))
We can‘t always resolve all situations immediately. Staged procedure gives us possibility to full control the steps and perform some corrections.
Cheers, my friend


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