Parry-Romberg Syndrome

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Posted on By Alexander Zubkov In Bone Grafting

Female patient age 43 underwent extractions 20+ years ago, maxillary arch. Presently interested in replacing missing teeth with fixed implant supported prosthetic. Patient also has a very rare disorder characterized by slowly progressive deterioration of the skin and hard and soft tissues on the left side of the face. Questioning if any consequences and or complications may arise after performing maxillary arch augmentation using Khurry technique with bone graft for future implant placement. All opinions and suggestions are needed. Thank you.

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Typically, I refer these cases to be treated at a hospital or university based institution. I do not know enough about this syndrome or it's inherent risk to oral surgical procedures. Dr. Salama


Alexander, I completely agree with Dr Salama. This is too risky to be treated in a private office: disease can affect the jaw with hard and soft tissue, patients are often on immunosuppressive therapy, develope trigeminus neuralgy...It is the case for the University.
Warm regards and looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta!!!