OD sinus lift

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Posted on By UDATTA KHER In Sinus Augmentation

Osseodensification Sinus lift.
A case of deficient bone in left first bicuspid.
Site preparation done with densah drills to achieve a lift as well as expansion. Veneer grafting done using a xenograft. High ISQ values were observed after implant placement.

Pre op situation
Site preparation with densah drills

Implant placement

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Post op X-ray


Great case Udatta!


Hi Udatta, with the Densah burs...which is the minimum residual ridge length that you have inserted an implant simultaneously with sinus lift?
4 mm? 3mm? ...
Regards and see you at JTI Madrid on november.
We are SOLD OUT!


3mm RBH is the minimum that I have placed with Densah and Novabone combination. Can't wait for 17th Nov. Super excited.


Great case Udatta. Initial CBCT made me think of a staged approach but your management is perfection. What is your protocol in adding the particulate graft for sinus elevation here?



Thank you Ehab. I breached the sinus floor with the 3mm drill in densification mode @1000 RPM. Followed by insertion of small quantity of Novabone into the ossteotomy site. Then used the same drill @300 RPM counter clockwise without saline to propel the graft and push the lining further up. Then used some more graft and repeat the action. In the end place the implant which takes the graft material further to achieve the lift. The high ISQ value @ 71 was very quite high for that site.
Previously I would inject the entire cartridge of Novabone into the ossteotomy and use its hydraulic pressure to achieve the lift. Until Salah Huwais suggested this protocol when he was in India.


Nicely done my friend. Novabone used here? Dr. S


Thanks Maurice. yes its Novabone 0.25cc.


Magnetic Mallet