OD Osseodensification Sinus Lift

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Posted on By UDATTA KHER In Sinus Augmentation

A case of sinus augmentation with Novabone putty and Osseodensification.

Pre op x ray
Site preparation with Densah drills

Intact sinus membrane
Novabone putty

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can you tell us more about bur sequence ?
so you went 3 mm in with OD bur and then squirted nova bone?

How did you know how much? Did you get good primary stability?


Thank you kevin.
I went with 2.0 drill 1mm below the floor. Then 3.0 to breach the sinus floor. 4.0 to widen. Then placed NB graft in the ossteotomy in increments and propelled it with 4.0 bur @300 rpm without irrigation. Total graft used was 0.5cc. Primary stability was exceptionally good.


did you fill entire socket and then propel?? does it always look that radiopaque on xray??


Nice pics Udatta. Simple and efective!


Thanks Jorge. Yes simple and effective. Thats how our patients like it too.


Very nice, Udatta! I love the pic with compacted bone and intact membrane. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks Queen. I love it too. Not easy to capture it every time. This time my assistant got the angle right. I gave her a box of chocolate brownies as a reward. :-)


Hands-on Sinus at XP Symposium Mastersweek by Udatta Kher see link below.


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