Nasal Floor Lift, Zygomatic and Pterigoid Implants for Immediate loading

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Posted on By Vladimir García Lozada In Full Arch & Dentures

Dear Friends,
This is a case of full arch upper rehabilitation with immediate loading with combination of different techniques such nasal floor lift, zygomatic implants and pterigoid implants to avoid bone graft.
Best regards DentalXP family!!
Vladimir García Lozada

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Hello Vladimir,

Very nice and technical work show here, beautiful surgery. What type of post-op comments/complications from the patient can one expect with this degree of subnasal elevation?

Thank you for sharing,



thank you very much for your compliments !!
The postoperative period is usually quite good, except for possible inflammation due to the type of treatment, moreover thanks to intravenous sedation all this is diminished by the venous administration of the drugs. Possible complications that may occur if nasal membrane detachment is not very careful and planned is intraoperative or postoperative nasal bleeding after surgery. I recommend to the patient not to sneeze, to maintain the head in elevated position and medication with augmentine 875 / 125mg, dexametasona 4mg, ibuprofeno 600mg, omeprazol 20mg and the rest of post-surgical advice to follow.
The versatility of the nasal elevation is the bicortical anchorage of the implant between the crystal and nasal cortical which allows us a very good stability of the implants
Best Regards


What is placed inside the nasal lift area? Also, what are your thoughts on attaching standard implants to Zygomatic Implants? Thanks for sharing Dr. Salama


Dr. Salama, thank you for comment!!
In this case i don't fill with any graft material, just leave it with the blood clot as a tent, but can also be grafted with particulate material obtaining good results, depending on whether we need to gain more height or that the implant is much more inside the nasal cavity.
About to attaching standard implants to zygomatic implants that is the Branemark standard protocol for zygoma surgery, i keep doing it depend of the case, that the percentages of success that I find in the literature, including my cases, I find it reliable. I have seen in the literature a comparative study between traditional protocol and quadzygoma and the results they gave were 95% successful for traditional and 98% successful for quadzygoma.
Dr. Salama or if any of the members are aware of any other study on the subject would be delighted to see it in order to keep updated, I have always found interesting changes in the techniques and their results to be able to continuously improve.
thank you very much
warm regards


you make it look so easy!
Do you use a surgical guide?
Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!
Best regards


thank you so much for your kind words!!
for these cases i don't used surgical guide, just sterile pencil its a simple and great tool for guide the drilling and osteotomies.
All my best to the great team Croatia thank you!!


Thank you for showing such an interesting case. I too had questions about the nasal lift however you have answered above. All this with no guide!!!!! You are truly talented.
Regards, Naheed


Naheed thank you so much for your words, i appreciate and im glad that you find interesting the case!!
my best


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