My first PET case

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Posted on By Renata Folstein In Implants

Non restorable #9. Finally had a great case to try this partial extraction therapy technique on. Also applied my new knowledge from my recent January 2019 course in Atlanta with Henry Salama where we were learning how to best place an immediate anterior implant. Looking forward to seeing my patient for her follow up visits :)

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Renata; Wonderful case. Would be better if you post each image separately. Easier to see. How did you find the procedure? Difficult? What burs did you use? What did you place in the site? Well done and welcome to the PET club on XP. Dr. Salama


I did not find it too difficult. The hardest part for me was the initial sectioning of the root. Making sure as I was going deep sectioning the root I was not angled too far lingual or buccal. I rather errorred on the angle being more lingual since I figured I can always go back down and take away some more. The gutta percha was a nice guide for me to let me know where I am regarding my apex. I used burs I found around the office. Picture of them attached. I put in corticocancellous allograft. I have also added the individual pictures to this case :)

Burs used


Saw my patient for a follow up today (18 days). She looks great. Included X-ray and a photo from today.

18 day post up photo
18 day close up X-ray


Perfect indication, very nice execution! Welcome to the XP PET club!
Which grafting material have you placed in gap?
Thank you for sharing


Excellent choice of treatment. Did you measure the length of the shield? Congratulations on your implant evolution.


Unfortunately I did not even think about measuring it. I will next time. Next time I also plan on taking an X-ray of just the shield in place.


Thank you ! Corticocancellous allograft


Nice case and perfect indication!
Welcome to PET world .
How was your experience doing this technique ?


It was a great experience. I knew the steps, had a great patient and enough time to focus.


Well done. You have made a great beginning. Looking forward to more cases.



Welcome to XP- Nice case- What aspects of the procedure were most challenging to you?

Did you measure implant stability? What is your provisional prosthesis ?




Hi Richard,
as I have mentioned in my response to Dr. Salama the hardest part for me was the initial sectioning of the root. Unfortunately I did not measure the implant stability - another thing I need to improve on next time. As far as temporization I will let it heal for a while and then I plan on making a temporary crown and customizing the contours to get the best esthetic results using a technique Marcelo Silva and Marko Tadros taught us at this past January course in Atlanta.
I will be seeing you at the upcoming symposium for the Thursday 2/28 am session. Looking forward to it.


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