My first PET case

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Posted on By Renata Folstein In Implants

Non restorable #9. Finally had a great case to try this partial extraction therapy technique on. Also applied my new knowledge from my recent January 2019 course in Atlanta with Henry Salama where we were learning how to best place an immediate anterior implant. Looking forward to seeing my patient for her follow up visits :)

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Renata; Wonderful case. Would be better if you post each image separately. Easier to see. How did you find the procedure? Difficult? What burs did you use? What did you place in the site? Well done and welcome to the PET club on XP. Dr. Salama


Perfect indication, very nice execution! Welcome to the XP PET club!
Which grafting material have you placed in gap?
Thank you for sharing


Excellent choice of treatment. Did you measure the length of the shield? Congratulations on your implant evolution.


Nice case and perfect indication!
Welcome to PET world .
How was your experience doing this technique ?


Well done. You have made a great beginning. Looking forward to more cases.



Welcome to XP- Nice case- What aspects of the procedure were most challenging to you?

Did you measure implant stability? What is your provisional prosthesis ?




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