Movement of teeth adjacent to implants

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Hi, I recently had my long term failed two front upper teeth replaced with implants.
Apart from the outcome which is not what I had hoped as the crowns placed on these two implants are splinted, it makes cleaning really hard and one sits higher. Dentist says that one implant was placed deeper and from googling (as you do these days) I concluded it was done due to bone resorption and papillae is gone.

Anyways, I had my dead two teeth removed and was advised by oral & face surgeon that bone level was ok so no graft needed. We waited about a month then implants were placed. They heal well and the ultrasound test thingy showed over 80% success/integration.

My dentist struggled placing the abutments and crown(s). Had to numb one side as my gum was hurting ( the implant placed deeper was on this side).

It has been over 2 months now and I have noticed since the crowns were placed (the very next day I noticed) my natural teeth (small laterals?) have a high mobility. I can rock them back and forth. My other teeth do not do this and this did not happen before even during the implant healing stage.
My oral surgeon did vitality check and xray, he was puzzled, has no answer. It looks good to him. Got me booked for another check up next month. My dentist examined it and said its fine too. I am freaking out, scared to eat semi-hard food. Should I ask for xrays and possibly post them here for someone to have a quick look and throw ideas around? My dentist also checked my bite and its fine he says.

Sorry for long post, I am really desperate.

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