Mounting Evidence for the Efficacy of Direct Posterior Resin

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Posted on By Gerald Benjamin In Composite Resin

I started placing direct posterior resin restorations instead of amalgam following the introduction of Dentinal Adhesion. Studies by Dr. Gordon Christensen show that the survival rate of the average posterior resin is 7 Years.
I have been photographing my work for the last 25 years and can absolutely show that posterior resins will last at least 22 years without leaking.I am posting this so that Resin Deniers will reconsider the longevity and usefulness of resin.
I have always used a rubber dam to place my resins but only started using a bevel on all cavosurface margins about 16 years ago. This case does not have a bevel and margins are clearly visible but NO leakage on the vertical walls was evident.

Photograph of a 22 year old posterior resin. It is being replaced because of the mesial marginal ridge fracture
Photograph of tooth will all of the resin removed and the cavity prep stained with Caries Detect. Note the pink tinge on the floor. The dark area is not caries but a residual stain from the amalgam. Note that there is no leakage down the vertical walls

New completed MOL resin restoration with all cavosurface margins beveled and invisible.
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The magic touch. As I have said many times you make it look simple. It is not



Master work. Great message. Regards.


Thanks Rocco and Ashok...
Remember this isn't about the new resin filling. It is to open the eyes of those that don't believe that resin is a valuable material in restorative dentistry. Resin allows teeth to be maintained for the longest possible amount of time before they need to be crowned.


I fully agree, Gerald...with similar results with posterior composite resins. Incidentally, I first introduced the cavosurface bevel in the late 1960s and showed my 5 year results in Boston in the early 70s. Keep up your excellent work!! Ron-


Hi Dr. Goldstein;
The cavosurface margin has gone in and out of fashion these past 20 years.
The reason that I post these cases is that few have bothered to document their work over the past 20 years. This allows resin deniers to say that there is no evidence to show longevity. No one can now say that resins do not last and that they all leak.
I am always honored by your comments.


Gerald; Just wonderful and conservative therapy. Well done. regards Maurice


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