Maxillary RPD

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Hello All,
This is my first case on dentalxp. A humble attempt at vitallium RPD.
35 Year old male came to the clinic requesting a removable partial denture. The maxilla is a unilateral free end saddle (Kennedy Class II Modification 1)
Design of the RPD was made as follows:
Antroposterior palatal stap major connector (ring design)
cast clasps on upper left first premolar and first molar (and distal occlusal rest on right maxillary second premolar)
Modified I bar on right canine tooth
Guide planes on remaining teeth in the palatal aspect was dedided because of mobility and periodontitis affecting most of the remaining teeth including the abutments.
Unfortunately, one of the acer clasp assemblies fractured and the patient was given the final RPD as an interim till the fabrication of a new denture.

Please feel free to provide feedback on why you think this compication occured and how it may be avoided in the future RPD, and if any adjustments to the design are necessary.

An acrylic RPD was provided for the mandibular arch for 2 missing mandibular central incisors

Thank you
Khalid Ibrahim

Preoperative view
Study Cast

Final impression
Try in on master cast

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Khalid, it is difficult to advise without seeing the occlusal relation photos and also I would like to see the patient's smile photos before and after.


Thank you for your comment. I will post the photos as soon as possible.


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