Management an Aggressive Periodontitis in a 26 years years old female

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Posted on By Carlos Aguilar León In Periodontics

A 26 years old Patient with periodontal desease since she was 9 years old, with severe gingival Hyperplasia and tipe III mobility and no calculus in the oral cavity, we extracted all her teeth and inserted two milled titanium bars with acrilyc and 10 implants after extractions were pwerformed we needed 1 year to let the tissue shrinking until it was mature and also had done bilateral sinus lift procedure.

Initial situation
After extraction therapy

After sinus lifting and insertion of two screw retained prosthesis
Milled Ti Bars

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Hi, Carlos, warmly welcome to the forumXP!
The patient must be very happy, she looks great!
Decision making was for sure not easy, it`s the hard part of the work. Should we go for the fix bridge, could we keep some teeth (low jaw - but there is no bone lateral...), what kind of restoration can patient afford?
I would have preserved the bone # 6, #7, #11, #12 and placed additional implants.
Anyway, great service for your patient. I`m sure she is a compliant patient with a good oral hygiene and regularly follow up appointments. Keep us posted!
Best regards


Thank you Snjezana for your welcome and take your time to write , in the upper jaw we had no anterior maxilla and everything was with mobility she had no fuction at all for several years so we suspect a very important extrution from the anterior teeth in the lower jaw so in the frontal picture in smile she was showing 2 mm in superior jaw and show almost all lower teeth and bone excess for my prosthesis. Because I can show just 6 pictures is difficult to show the complete case . Thanks again.


Carlos; On each reply to your post you can add an additional 2 images as many times as you would like...tough case. regards Dr. Salama


Ok, thanks to you both I will upload some pictures so the case would be easier to understand .